Are you having trouble making a graphic for this meme, dude?

Using’s editor
1. Go to this page.
2. Hover over the image and click on the blue “recaption” button.
3. Click “advanced editor.”
4. Create three text boxes.
5. The first and third boxes should be in font size 82 and contain “ARE YOU” and “DUDE?” respectively.
6. The middle box will contain your addition to the meme, in whatever size best fits the available space.
7. Drag the text boxes to arrange them in a pleasant fashion.
8. Either save the graphic and have it e-mailed to you, or just take a screenshot of it right there in the editor.
9. Submit it here using the “Submit a photo” option!

Using your favorite graphic editing program
1. Download this picture, or take your own screenshot from the video.
2. Use the font “Impact” in size 82 for the “ARE YOU” and “DUDE?”, or whatever font you fancy.
3. Save your creation.
4. Submit it here using the “Submit a photo” option!

General tips
1. Check for spelling errors!
2. Avoid quotes/references that have already been covered by many people: seeking a great perhaps, ‘no edge,’ drizzle/hurricane, and being stuck in the labyrinth.